Wolfgang Staehle

Works 1995 - 2023 
Works 1985 - 1994 

Books and Catalogues
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  "Time Zones: Recent film and Video" by Jessica Morgan and Gregor Muir. Tate Modern.  
Articles and Reviews
  "Real-Time Futures: Five Notes on the Work of Wolfgang Staehle" by John Menick. Published in Parachute 113, 2004.  
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Selected Website Listings
  "Time Zones: Recent film and Video" by Jessica Morgan and Gregor Muir. Tate Modern.  
  Pamela M Lee: After Obsolescence (real player video). TATE Online archive. November 4, 2004.  
  Press release 2001 (postmedia/e-flux)  
  Time lapse video "Eastpoint" by Wolfgang Staehle (real player video). Washington Post, 2004.